Cloud Based Access Control


OpenMyGate is designed to make configuring your controller as easy as posible.  All you need do is setup an account add basic details including your devices mobile number and we will provide an easy to understand form for you to fill in and submit.  On submit we will send your device the information via a text message, the website will inform you of the success and you're done.

Access Control Cloud Configurator



Create an account and remotely program your access controller from any web browser.  Simple easy to use interface that sends your commands directly to your controller using GSM text messages. 

Unlimited reprogramming of your device for only $99.95 a year.

One off $99 setup fee also applies.

multi device prices

How does it work?



A GSM controller is a remote control device which can be operated via GPRS. You can remotely control gates, garage doors and barriers via mobile phone from anywhere in the world. 


  1. User calls the number of a SIM card contained within the GSM controller
  2. If the number of the caller is authorised by GSM Controller, it rejects the call and instructs the gate or door to open or close. If not, no action is taken.
  3. The GSM Controller sends an optional SMS message to confirm the action has been carried out.


Our cloud based system allows for easy addition or deletion of authorised numbers.

What we do

OMG can save you from the hassle and expense of shared padlocks, swipe cards, dongles and other inconvenient forms of access control

OMG supplies an online interface to make access setup easy, and can also supply and install your gate controllers and mechanical openers for you!


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